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Weight Management Supplement for Overweight or Good-Doer Horses
Kohnke’s Own TRIM is designed to help normalise the metabolism in ‘good doer’ horses and ponies who may be at risk of laminitis and founder.

TRIM can be used before the horse is at risk of laminitis or founder, but it can also quickly soften and reduce cresty necks and tail butt fat which are the common signs that body condition of a horse or pony is above the healthy range.

Our Concept for TRIM

TRIM is the result of 4 years of field trials and research by Kohnke’s Own and contains nutrients which are often low or inadequate in the diets of horses and ponies on restricted rations.

TRIM is not like other weight management supplements! Many of which act on the hindgut digestive system, to suppress growth of hindgut bacteria or provide an artificial buffer to modify acid balance.

In contrast, TRIM contains specific nutrients which have roles in ‘burning’ fat and sugar more effectively from dietary sources.  TRIM is especially useful to strip off cresty necks and abnormal fatty deposits, naturally reducing the risk of laminitis through effective weight management.

Major Ingredients

TRIM contains selected nutrients balanced to very specific levels for optimum metabolism in horses and ponies.  TRIM supplies trace-minerals and vitamins often lacking in rations fed to overweight horses, including magnesium, vitamin C, chromium and choline.  These nutrients are included in highly active forms for the best absorption and utilisation, such as protein chelated chromium and quality vitamin C from ascorbates.

TRIM is a pelleted supplement with palatable vanilla flavouring which mixes well into all types of feeds or small chaff portions (wet or dry).

Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of TRIM provides 20 grams. 

Provide one dose of TRIM each morning and night for the initial 1-2 weeks, then reduce to one dose per day until optimum body weight is reached.

Long term management at one dose per day may be provided for horses or ponies to help maintain a trim condition.

It is recommended that the dosage rate be reduced to relative to the horse’s body weight as weight loss progresses, following the guidelines below.

Initial Supplementation Rate for 10 – 14 days

Horses:  30 g morning and evening (60 g total)

Galloways:  20 g morning and evening (40 g total)

Miniatures and Ponies:10 g morning and evening (20 g total)

Normal and Maintenance Supplementation

Horses:  20 g daily

Galloways:  15 g daily