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Shear Magic Nifty 1800 Cordless/Mains Clipper
Small Two-way Clipper/Trimmer (Model SM103)

• Small and lightweight clipper/trimmer. Compact body provides comfort and complete grooming flexibility. Body length 17 cm. Blade width (across teeth) 45 mm, 290 g weight. 1800 strokes per minute.
• Very quiet – ideal for trimming around ears, face and feet. Precise trimming for hard to reach places.
• Affordable and ideal clipper to sell to your customers for touch-ups at home and light clipping jobs.
• Quiet and powerful 15 watt motor.
• Two-way clipper, which can be used from the mains or cordless. Charge overnight – 4 hour charge gives up to 60 minutes of cordless use. If the charge runs out while clipping cordless simply plug into the mains power to continuing with your clipping.
• Flip-off blade for easy cleaning and replacement.
• Blade can be re-sharpened and replaced.