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Liniment for treatment of sprains, strains and rheumatism in horses.

Benefits of Penetrene ‘A’ Liniment are:

  • Proven treatment for injured and inflamed joints, muscles and tendons
  • Fast cooling with pain relief of joints, muscles and tendons
  • Easily applied undiluted or diluted; see Directions For Use
  • As a ‘leg wash’ to prevent and treat shin soreness. For ‘tying up’.
  • For regular and long-term applications
  • All-over body ‘wash’ to cool horses following competition, exercise or racing
  • Easy to prepare and apply – cost-effective treatment


PENETRENE leg wash: Apply freely and bandage under cotton wool for two to three hours or overnight.

Undiluted solution: In cases of sprains and strains forment (warm or heat up) the part or area with hot water. Dry thoroughly, stimulate well by massaging. Apply a little PENETRENE full strength. Enough to wet the hair several times, each time working it well in with the fingers and thumb from outside to the centre of the sprain or strain. Apply three times daily for three to four days, then once a day morning and night.


Aniseed Oil 3.7g/kg
Sassafras Oil 2.6g/kg
Menthol 11.4g/kg
Solvent – Acetone 793g/kg