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Salt and Electrolyte Replacer, Safe for horses with anhydrosis

  • specific blend of minerals designed to support osmotic balance and normal cellular pH.
  • There is over 50% sodium chloride (salt) in every 80g daily amount of OsmoPlex.
  • Chloride is the electrolyte which is lost in the greatest amount in heavily sweating horses and sodium is an important electrolyte, as it is essential for nearly every bodily process.

Increasing the sodium concentration in water in the horse’s body may engage the horse’s thirst drive. This is vital in maintaining hydration, as it encourages the horse to drink.

OsmoPlex includes seaweed derived calcium especially rich in the minerals magnesium and calcium. OsmoPlex also includes the mineral potassium. These minerals support normal cellular growth as well as muscle and nerve function. Inclusion of glucose may assist with the absorption of sodium and increase palatability.

  • Electrolyte and Hydration Facts Just 2% dehydration can cause loss of performance
  • Low to medium level exercise can cause horses to lose 5-10L of sweat per hour
  • Inadequate sodium intake may promote or aggravate anhydrosis (inability to sweat normally)
  • It can take 72-96 hours for a badly dehydrated horse to fully recover