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Injectable Iron supplement for horses. For treatment of iron deficiency in racing horses. 

Description - A tonic effect. Improves appetite and general well being. Increases stamina, and a better racing performance. Restorative properties, particularly after illness or injury. Immunity and resistance to infection is increased.

Regular administration of Hippiron provides the iron needs of horses.
A brownish pyrogen free sterile alkaline solution. Iron (Fe) 20mg/mL as Ferric-Hydroxide-Sucrose compound. Mode of Action When injected Hippiron breaks down into carbohydrates and trivalent Iron Hydroxide which is stored in the form of Ferritin (depot iron) in the liver; from there it is transported in the form of transferrin to the site of erythropoiesis (where red blood cells are formed).

Indications - For treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in horses. Anaemias due to parasitism, poor nutrition, haemorrhage. To improve oxygen uptake.

Dosage - By intravenous injection:

  • Foals 10mL (200mg) per week.
  • Adults & Yearlings 20mL (400mg) per week. 

The frequency and length of treatment will depend on the severity of the iron deficiency.

Warning - In extremely rare instances an anaphylactic reaction can occur. Appropriate treatment for anaphylactic shock should be instituted.
Storage - Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning). Protect from light. Do not refrigerate.
Presentation - 20 mL vial