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Hepadine may assist in liver and kidney function. The liver is responsible for regulating energy metabolism, hormone production, and producing bile for aiding digestion. The kidney is responsible for regulating electrolytes, supporting normal blood pressure, filtering the blood and excreting waste.

Liver function can be compromised through the effects of toxins, infections (viruses), excessive use of medication and excess nutrient consumption. While major causes of kidney failure can be related to diabetes, possibly caused by over consumption of grain.

  • Suggested Product Combinations
  • Clean Culture - May support a normal digestive system and may help horses with ulcers. To be fed over 10 days
  • VitaStance - A balanced bio-available vitamin, mineral and amino acid blend

Ingredients : A proprietary blend [Inositol, Choline bitartrate, Fulvic acid, Sea minerals, Astragalus, Moorlife, Methionine, Sodium benzoate] 100ml