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A potent blend of nutrients and anti-oxidants to maintain glycogen storage and mitochondria generation in fast twitch oxidative fibres

Targeting supple & smooth adaptation of fast twitch oxidative muscle fibres. A potent blend of nutrients and anti-oxidants to normalise glycogen storage and mitochondria generation in fast twitch oxidative fibres.

As horses progress (during a preparation) from paddock condition to race fitness, muscle fibres must adapt to the increasing demands made on them. When work steps up to ¾ pace, Fast Twitch Oxidative Fibres are recruited to provide the power. As with other body tissues these muscle fibres must be trained to enable them to store glycogen and to generate more mitochondria (the power houses of the muscle cell) to use glycogen. If work rate gets too far ahead of mitochondria production, muscles may lose suppleness.


Vitamite® Fast Twitch Formula™ provides specific nutrients to assist mitochondrial formation, anti-oxidant vitamins, selenium to enable glutathione peroxidase production and magnesium to address the metabolism imbalance caused by calcium flux on the muscle cell wall. For horses positive to the GYS1 gene (PSSM), feed a diet with almost no starch, e.g. Munga® and hay and add Fast Twitch Formula™ pellets. For best results, Vitamite® Fast Twitch Formula™ should be used in conjunction with an exercise program that maximises the use of the Fast Twitch Oxidative fibres.


There are 3 types of muscle fibres that need to be considered in an exercise program:

  1. Slow Twitch Fibres (STF) that are recruited in slow work.
  2. Fast Twitch Oxidative Fibres (FTO) that are recruited at ¾ pace.
  3. Fast Twitch Anaerobic Fibres (FTA) that are recruited when sprinting.


The purpose of this exercise regime is to work the FTO Fibres to stimulate the production of mitochondria in these muscle cells. To avoid using the Slow Twitch Fibres (STF) initial work should be at ¾ pace*, with little or preferably no warm-up. Similarly avoid sprint work as this recruits the muscle’s Fast Twitch Anaerobic Fibres, then warm down. Repeat this program twice each week for three weeks in conjunction with a daily 400g dose of Vitamite® Fast Twitch Formula™ and the extra mitochondria generated will have corrected the imbalance.

These results can also be achieved with 1 minute of energetic swimming.

*¾ pace – 600 mtrs in 45 seconds for a galloper, 800 mtrs in 68 seconds for a pacer.