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Pro-Dosa BOOST is a comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste for horses.

Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or stress.

Pro-Dosa BOOST was first launched in New Zealand over a decade ago and is now the biggest selling nutritional paste in Australasia, The Middle East, and many parts of Europe. It is used internationally in a wide variety of sports including dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo, mounted games, flat, national hunt, harness and endurance racing. Horsemen and veterinarians have found it to be useful in supporting normal appetite, thirst, electrolyte balance, red blood cell production, performance, recovery and health.

Pro-Dosa BOOST is a cost effective, simple to use, less invasive alternative to traditional pre-race and recovery treatments which can be expensive and stressful for the horse. (Replaces the administration of electrolytes by stomach tube along with various amino acid, vitamin, trace mineral, and iron solutions normally given by injection).

Paste can administered orally over the tongue or placed on the individual's feed.
Pro-Dosa BOOST is available in an 80ml syringe for ease of administration.


Racing - Show Jumping - Eventing - Performance Sport:
Give one tube 4 -8 hours prior to the event.
Optional additional doses: Give 1/2 tube after each workout and 1/2 tube the day before the event.


Give one tube 4 - 8 hours prior to the event.
Give 1/2 to one tube after each leg or loop of race.
Optional additional doses: Give 1/2 tube after each workout and 1/2 tube the day before the event.

Give one tube 4 - 12 hours prior to departure.
On long journeys ensure regular water stops are given and give one tube on arrival.
Health Tonic:
Give one full tube to start.
Then give 1/2 tube every other day for at least two weeks.
Ensure there is plenty of clean, fresh water available.
Pro-Dosa BOOST contains no banned substances and requires no withholding time for drug testing. Consider any rules of competition that may apply prior to following directions as they are written.