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Nutritional Support for Elastic Tissues in High Performance Horses
Horses working intensely, whether in racing or equestrian sports, often struggle with the elasticity and integrity of collagen-rich tissues, including lung tissues, tendons and ligaments.  For example, racehorses in training and racing can develop ‘bleeding in the lungs’ (EIPH), which greatly impacts performance and can end the career of promising gallopers or pacers.


Kohnke’s Own BCS contains specific nutrients which have a role in maintaining the health and function of tissues subjected to the repetitive stretching and high loading forces of athletic activity in racing and performance horses.

Horses in racing or high level equestrian training without adequate levels of the nutrients in BCS may have a higher risk of tendon and lung collagen weakness, with increased incidence of tendon injury, lung ‘bleeding’ and ligament problems during training.