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For the treatment of Malassezia, an extremely common yeast found on almost every dog. Affected animals present with an offensive odor, referred to as yeasty or rancid. The skin affected becomes red, inflamed and itchy. Austrazole contains a synthetic broad spectrum antimycotic with significant action against common dermatophytes, fungi, yeasts and Malassezia. Austrazole is a LEAVE ON emulsion – apply and let dry. Dermatophytosis are exposed to treatment for significantly longer periods than shampooing, resulting in a faster resolution of infection. Austrazole prevents the spread of infection to other animals and can be used to treat bedding, collars and other items used by the dog that may habour fungal spores.

External antimycotic with broad spectrum activity against:

    • Microsporum spp
    • Triphophyton spp
    • Aspergillus spp
    • Penicillin spp
    • Candida supp
    • Malassezia
    • Fungal and yeast infections on the skin

Effective against a range of Gram + bacteria.