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Nutritional Supplement for Optimal Immune System Activity
Many horses can suffer from immune-related problems in times of hard training, stress or poor health.  Coughs and colds can cause unnecessary down-time, health complications or infect other horses in a stable. Kohnke’s Own Activ-8 has selected immune-active nutrients which help maintain the health and responsiveness of the equine immune system.  Activ-8 can help support immune function in horses following general sickness, including coughs, colds and respiratory viral illness, for optimal recovery time.


Horses which are regularly travelling and competing may pick up respiratory viruses from other horses at events, especially if regular training has caused immune suppression from long term stress or reduced availability of immune co-factor nutrients.
Horses benefit from a short course of Activ-8 prior to long distance travel, hard competition or during relocation to a new environment, where the optimum function of the immune system is paramount to health and performance