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4Cyte Canine Joint Support Supplement

Dogs with reduced mobility and activity may benefit from 4Cyte dog. In dogs with mild to moderate osteoarthritis, 4Cyte granules can help reduce inflammation. 4Cyte Granules are safe for long-term use and may be used to: support healthy joints at any age, relieve symptoms such as stiffness and difficulty jumping, running, or playing, complement prescription joint pain treatments.


Long-term use of 4Cyte for Dogs is safe, and it is used to:

  • Treat symptoms like stiffness and inability to jump, run, or play.
  • Use in conjunction with prescription joint pain treatments.
  • Aid in healing after joint injury or surgery.
  • Promote and maintain healthy joints at any age.
  • Help the body recover faster and perform better after injury.
  • Address the cause, not the symptoms.
  • 4 Cyte for Dogs may also be used as a preventative and protective measure against joint damage in large and giant breeds.

4Cyte 50g and 100g Granules

A 100g bag of 4Cyte granules lasts on average around 120 days on a maintenance dose for a dog weighing between 11-20kg.


Granules Ingredients:

  • Abalone
  • New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel
  • Marine Cartilage


4Cyte granules for Dogs contains EPIITALIS®, as well as New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Abalone, and marine cartilage. This makes 4Cyte granules suitable as a prophylactic joint protection measure to actively maintain healthy joints. 4Cyte Granules for Dogs may be safely administered to dogs from 6 months of age.

When used in this way, 4Cyte Granules for Dogs may be beneficial for:

  • Working or performance dogs that are highly active to support healthy joint function
  • Large, giant and other breeds that are high risk as a preventative and protective measure against joint disease
  • Young dogs that are growing quickly

Other Benefits Include:

  • Targeted nutrition
  • Simple and non-invasive dosage
  • Small, cost-effective, once-daily dosing
  • Endorsed by surgeons and veterinarians
  • Has undergone both in-vitro and clinical studies
  • Dogs love the taste
  • Available over the counter from your veterinarian


How Quickly Does 4Cyte Work?

Results will vary between animals. Results can be seen as quickly as one week, but you should see marked improvement in your dog within four weeks.

4Cyte Dog Dosage Guide

1 scoop = approximately 0.4g

Loading dose = 2 scoops per 10kg of bodyweight

Maintenance dose = 1 scoop per 10kg of bodyweight


  • For dogs between 1-4kg: Loading dose = 1 scoop; Maintenance dose = scoop
  • For dogs between 5-10kg: Loading dose = 2 scoops; Maintenance dose = 1 scoop
  • For dogs between 11-20kg: Loading dose = 4 scoops; Maintenance dose = 2 scoops
  • For dogs between 21-30kg: Loading dose = 6 scoops; Maintenance dose = 3 scoops
  • For dogs over 30kg: Loading dose = 8 scoops; Maintenance dose = 4 scoops


4Cyte for dogs is not recommended for pregnant animals or animals with seafood allergies.

If 4Cyte is not the right joint supplement for your dog, you can view our full range of joint supplements for dogs here.

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What is 4CYTE for dogs used for?

4CYTE for dogs is a comprehensive daily joint supplement designed to protect and repair damaged and weakened joints as well as actively maintain your dog's overall joint health. The range of 4CYTE supplements contains a number of beneficial ingredients, namely Epiitalis, a plant seed oil that has pain-relieving properties and actively repairs cartilage. The formula also includes green-lipped mussel, abalone and marine cartilage which all have well-known properties that improve overall joint health.

How effective is 4CYTE Canine joint support for dogs?

Even after the initial 28 days of ongoing administration, 4CYTE for canines has been proven to provide joint support and improvement. Your pets will experience visible signs of joint and muscle improvement anywhere between one to four weeks of consistent dosage.

Are 4CYTE supplements safe for senior dogs?

Absolutely. In fact, 4CYTE Canine joint support for dogs is known to alleviate symptoms associated with ageing, painful joints. Depending on your dog's weight, administer the specified amount of 4CYTE for canines every day to provide them with essential minerals to soothe old joints and suppress inflammation.

How much 4CYTE should I give my dog?

Depending on your dog's weight and whether or not they've been regularly taking the supplement, the amount of 4CYTE you should give them will differ. The amount of 4CYTE canine you should give your dog is different for the first 3 days, the first 4 weeks and during the maintenance phase. To find the exact amount, read the back of the packet or consult your veterinarian.