Meet our team


Owner of the business, Liz Cairns has over 20 years of experience working in the veterinary supply industry.  Her love of horses and particularly performance, started much early than her career though.  Opting to trade her piano lesson money for secret horse riding lessons at a school near her home as a child is where it all kicked off.  From there Liz progressed through pony club, to the arena, back to pony club with her children, horse sports and then finally in to horse racing in 1993 when she trained her first race horse ‘Shatter’ in Mackay. 

Her passion for four legged creatures does not end with the larger variety.  Having followed her love of Saint Bernard’s in the earlier days, Liz bred and competed with her dogs around Queensland before opening a boarding kennel which she later sold. 


Michelle has worked in the veterinary supplies industry for the past 10 years.  Michelle brings to the team a delightful attitude and wealth of experience with a keen interest in Nutrition.

After many great experiences and accomplishments through Western Pleasure Michelle has tried her luck with cutting on her well-known mare ‘Buffy”.

The latest edition to her team is the feisty (and rather short) miniature horse, ‘Catori’ who has taken to playing fetch with the neighbour’s dog.


Emalie specialises in performance horses with particular interest in gut health and conditioning. She is a serious comeptitor in the dressage arena with her spirited warmblood 'Sylvester Stallone' and relularly travels down south to compete. Also and avid bird lover, Emalie owns a blue and gold macaw named Rio and 2 eclectus parrots, Remi and Riley.